As Etihad’s first commercial flight from Abu Dhabi to Tel Aviv lands at Ben-Gurion Airport ties with UAE take off

‘Blessed are those who live in interesting times’ said the old proverb. We are witnessing ultimate wisdom in leadership that brings hope and peace with the normalization agreement signed between the nations.
The one who said ‘it cannot be done’ was interrupted by the ones who just did it. The world is tired and weary of war and hatred and it is time for great leaders to show wisdom and courage and bring peace, progress and prosperity to the young millions who are struggling in Palestine, Israel, UAE and the whole region of West Asia and North Africa who are mere victims of war mongers and hate filled past leaders.
The leaders of UAE, Israel and Bahrain demonstrated in the most courageous fashion that peace and unity and economic progress is far more powerful than mindless and centuries of hate and war and death and destruction that has brought misery, poverty and insecurity for millions. Let the whole world and centers of hatred and friction and never-ending border wars sit up and take note and observe that it takes much greater courage to make peace, than go on with mindless wars and destruction. This is indeed the age of wisdom.
As two cargo flights carrying coronavirus aid for Palestinians flew directly from the UAE to Israel earlier this year, before the two countries agreed to normalize diplomatic ties was the sign of demonstrating that very wisdom to the cynics who might thought that Palestinians are not considered in this equation. They are and they will be, the very first who will benefit from fruits of this very generous spirit of peace.

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